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Sandy Plains Chiropractic's W.O.W. (Workshops On Wellness) Health Care Class Series

Throughout 2018


Sandy Plains Chiropractic presents the 2018 Workshops On Wellness Health Care Class Series. 

Dr. Mike and Dr. B present today's most pressing health issues like:

  • Gut Health - Your Microbiome and You
  • Heart Health - Heart Problems are Affecting Everyone
  • Mind-Body Health - What Have You Done Lately
  • Exercise - What's Right, What's Might, What's Slight
  • Brain Health - There's So Much to Unpack Here
  • Meditation - Are You Doing? You Should and Here's How

With all of these classes, there is tremendous overlap, such as Diet and Nutrition. Therefore each class covers nutrition for living and also...

...each class will showcase:

  • Food & Drinks related to the W.O.W. and are applicable the very next time you visit the grocery store.
  • Complimentary Computerized Exams during your Next Visit
    • The Insight Millennium Scan by CLA and NASA (now the Space Foundation) is second to none. The scans performed will cover
      • Thermagraphy to demonstrate possible Autonomic Nervous System imbalance
      • sEMG (Surface Electromyograph) to demonstrate possible overcompensating postural muscles
      • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) to possibly indicate Sympathetic Nervous System ("Flight & Flight") imbalance  
  • All of this and actionable current information to help you make better decisions to greater health... And maybe more.

Please Call (770) 971-1355 to make an appointment to get checked and inquire as to our next Health Care Class.

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May your 2018 bring you abundant joy and health!!!

Yours in health,

~ The Sandy Plains Chiropractic Team ~